Usually, it represents the first phase of any project for the customer. The aim is to obtain the maximum information relevant to the implementation of a specific project. Analysis is done by questionnaire method of data collection, by reading of available documents and company policies and procedures, by interviews in the form of meetings with customer's key employees. The output is usually a document summarizing the results of analysis in a structured form so that it is possible to suggest a solution based on analysis output.

Project management

It deals with the division of the project into individual phases, their planning, resource allocation, cost monitoring, control of project outputs, communication with the customer, management of subcontractors and the like. It is possible to obtain certification for project management such as PMI or PRINCE2, which proves the qualification of project managers and their ability to lead project management during implementation phase. We have many years of experience with project management of large-scale information systems, including a number of certified project managers.

Monitoring and Service desk

Monitoring enable customers to continuously monitor and evaluate defined infrastructure elements, their operation, load, performance and other parameters. Monitored components include hardware infrastructure, operating systems, database systems, enterprise applications (such as ERP, CRM BI, IDM, etc.). The Service Desk is the primary central point of contact and serves as a bridge between the solution/service provider and customer who has paid service support. New incidents, change requests and problems are recorded and managed here. From the customer's point of view, this is a contact point where he can report requirements and where he/she will get accurate information related to submitted requirements.

Local and cloud services

We are able to deliver our solution as on-premise installation directly in the customer's infrastructure, or in the form of hosting on the leased infrastructure in the hosting center, or as a solution placed at a cloud service provider such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Providing solutions as a service

We deliver the solution to the customer in such a way that he/she does not have to buy any hardware or other infrastructure to operate the service and does not need any staff to implement and further manage the system. The solution delivered as a service is operated either within a hosting center or a cloud infrastructure managed by the solution provider.


Česká národní banka

Czech National Bank

Our team carried out an implementation of an application for the communication of the Central Register of Accounts with the Data boxes information system. The project included requirements analysis, draft and implementation of a solution that now works to the contentment of the CNB. We provide the customer with support, maintenance and development services for the delivered solution.

Modrá pyramida

Modrá pyramida

The specialist in providing housing loans places high demands on IT and user security. Modrá pyramida has chosen our company as a partner for this area. We delivered a SIEM system to the customer. The provision of complete support, development and update of new versions of the delivered solution is part of the service as well as security consultations and advice on resolving security incidents.

Czech Point


We designed many agendas and services. Within this project, we implemented a unique system of user management known under the name JIP/KAAS (Unified Identity Space / Catalog of Authentication and Authorization Services). Thanks to the unambiguous authentication and authorization of every user we achieved non-repudiation responsibility of the user. The project Czech POINT has been successfully working for a lot of years!

Datové schrány

Data boxes

We created a unique system for state-guaranteed electronic communication between citizens, commercial companies and public authorities via a data box. It guarantees a high security level for users and transmitted data.

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