We are a proved expert on effective work with information in government.
Information security and protection of personal data and documents are top priority for us.


Change your institution into a Smart office

Our company belongs to suppliers of eGovernment solutions. We participated in the creation of Czech POINT and ISDS (Data boxes) information systems. During a start-up period of primary registers, we helped users of government systems (so called AIS, agenda information system) to authenticate to primary registers using JIP Czech POINT (Unified Identity Space) identity vault. Therefore, we have a really detailed knowledge how to help your office. Thanks to our ICT services, your office will work much more efficiently. Your officials will have less paperwork and more time for citizens. All this is achieved with emphasize on data and information security.

Give your office new capabilities

Digitalization of office agendas, data sharing between offices and providing of modern services can’t work without implementing user account and access roles management. In this area, we build on an effective solution for user access management of officials and citizens, the so-called identity & access management.

We will connect your office to the Czech POINT

We realised that user account synchronization between office’s IDM and JIP/KAAS Czech POINT could be a suitable complement to office’s identity management solution. We have our own solution that will bring you a simplified user account management with a high security level required by cyber security law and GDPR. The effective protection of personal data including advanced authentication are a natural part of the delivered solution.

Bezpečnost a ochrana dat
i pro státní správu

Naše společnost patří k dodavatelům řešení eGovernmentu. Podíleli jsme se na vybudování systému Czech POINT a Informačního systému datových schránek (ISDS). Vybudovali jsme lokální, jednotný identitní prostor pro Český telekomunikační úřad. Bezpečnost informací je pro nás prioritou jak pro soukromý, tak veřejný sektor.



We designed many agendas and services. Within this project, we implemented a unique system of user management known under the name JIP/KAAS (Unified Identity Space / Catalog of Authentication and Authorization Services). Thanks to the unambiguous authentication and authorization of every user we achieved non-repudiation responsibility of the user. The project Czech POINT has been successfully working for a lot of years!

Data boxes

We created a unique system for state-guaranteed electronic communication between citizens, commercial companies and public authorities via a data box. It guarantees a high security level for users and transmitted data.


We successfully implemented a project to create an enterprise architecture of SÚKL – State Institute for Drug Control (including the area of ​​ePrescription) using the TOGAF architecture framework and ArchiMate modelling standard. At the same time, we participated in preparation of an application for the project assessment by the Department of the Chief Architect of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic for the eRecept system with a description of the system architecture and the use of shared eGovernment services.

Moravian-Silesian Regional Office

Our task was to create a tool that would help the region to integrate itself into Unified Identity Space (JIP) Czech POINT and primary registers. Thanks to this, the region was able to start sharing its ICT services and communicate with its contributory organizations.

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