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Be GDPR READY with a data protection expert

European regulation GDPR orders every company or institution to protect personal data. In the past, the worst impact of data leakage had been a loss of clients’ and customers’ confidence. It is getting worse now. The companies with poorly secured data will be punished by very large fines. It is time to protect your company with a data protection expert.

We have long-time experience with processing of personal data

There are IT projects successfully implemented by us. Our range of services is now expanding with the program GDPR READY that is designed to help our customers adapt their processes to not only comply with the requirements of the GDPR regulation but also eIDAS regulation and the Cyber Security Act.

The process of GDPR READY implementation

Our team of experienced professionals will carefully pay attention to your company or institution. They will guide your company smoothly through the GDPR READY implementation program.

It all starts with GAP analysis

The aim of a differential analysis is comparing the condition of your IT systems to the condition meeting the GDPR requirements. The analysis results in a final report revealing all incongruities. This report includes recommendation of all necessary measures, the ways of their implementation and setting the priorities. Duration of the project depends on the size of analysed company or the number of companies and on the cooperation of the client. Average project duration is three weeks.

Implementation of GDPR READY solution

  • Our team will implement the solution and then it will test it excessively. Then we will help you update your internal regulations or prepare new ones you miss. The Catalog of processed personal data will be one of new documents.
  • Your employees will go through the basic training with focus on personal data protection, electronic identity and cyber security.
  • We will offer you the automatization of chosen processes. In case the client doesn’t have the solution for unambiguous identification of the user, based on many years of experience in this field we can offer you the implementation of system for user management and IT systems access control so that every user would be unambiguously identified and be undeniably responsible for every action performed in IT systems.

Delivering the GDPR READY solution

As a part of other workshop, we will go through every single point of implementation plan with your team and make sure they are implemented the way they should be according to the project design.

We are always at your disposal

Our work doesn’t stop when we hand solution over you. We still provide support and cooperation to our clients when it’s needed. We are ready to continuously monitor the client’s processes and systems so that they stay in conformance with the demands of the GDPR regulations, eIDAS and Cyber Security Act.

We will not leave the implemented solution at the mercy of time without its further development. We will help you simultaneously maintain it and be compliant with regulations and the newest information security standards.

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