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Your data is the most valuable asset you have

There is a good idea behind every well working company. And not only that. It is a process you made to transform the idea into the product. And then there are your contacts. Contact addresses and numbers to necessary suppliers and customers. Your precious data are stored in computers and servers and processed by programs and people. However, programs and people are not flawless, unfortunately. We are the front specialists in company identity and access management. We are leading innovators in the field of IT processes with long-time experience. We are ready to do everything so that your data contribute only to your success and not someone else‘s.

725 millions
of data messages were sent between companies, entrepreneurs and offices in Data boxes government system thanks to our solution.

Keep your data safely under control

Secure data access is the basic prerequisite how to protect know-how of the company. Blueprints of long and costly developed product can be taken over by competition in an instant. All applied information security measures are invalid at that moment. You should prevent this scenario and control the access to your data. Control access of your users to internal IT systems and applications, keep a good audit track of every user who works with your data. Security audit of your company is a first step that can reveal every weakness.

increase of demand for increasing security of enterprise information systems in last year
80 %

Control your subcontractors’ access to your sensitive data

Almost every company solves the problem how to ensure secure access to its applications for users from third-parties. Usually, they are the users of subcontractors. There must be effective identity & access management system that enforces the principle of unambiguous authentication and non-repudiation for the performed action of each user. Only an authorized user can enter the internal application. As part of our projects and security audits, we solved user management where users from thousands of different entities access the applications. We also dealt with an authoritative data source for each such subject. Our know-how can be especially useful for you when managing third-party users.


Česká národní banka

Czech National Bank

Our team carried out an implementation of an application for the communication of the Central Register of Accounts with the Data boxes information system. The project included requirements analysis, draft and implementation of a solution that now works to the contentment of the CNB. We provide the customer with support, maintenance and development services for the delivered solution.

Modrá pyramida

Modrá pyramida

The specialist in providing housing loans places high demands on IT and user security. Modrá pyramida has chosen our company as a partner for this area. We delivered a SIEM system to the customer. The provision of complete support, development and update of new versions of the delivered solution is part of the service as well as security consultations and advice on resolving security incidents.

Czech Point


We designed many agendas and services. Within this project, we implemented a unique system of user management known under the name JIP/KAAS (Unified Identity Space / Catalog of Authentication and Authorization Services). Thanks to the unambiguous authentication and authorization of every user we achieved non-repudiation responsibility of the user. The project Czech POINT has been successfully working for a lot of years!

Datové schrány

Data boxes

We created a unique system for state-guaranteed electronic communication between citizens, commercial companies and public authorities via a data box. It guarantees a high security level for users and transmitted data.

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